Last updated: October 13, 2022


  • Tweak: Fixed CWE-79 XSS issue on related posts settings screen, props Juampa Rodríguez.


  • Tweak: Added rp4wp_post_link filter
  • Tweak: Added rp4wp_post_title_html filter
  • Tweak: Added rp4wp_before_content action
  • Tweak: Added rp4wp_after_content action
  • Tweak: Added rp4wp_before_image action
  • Tweak: Added rp4wp_after_image action
  • Tweak: Fixed CWE-79 XSS issue on manually link related post screen, props foobar7
  • Tweak: Properly escape redirect URL params on manually bulk linking of related posts
  • Tweak: Properly escape links in post table on manually link related post screen
  • Tweak: Properly escape rp4wp_view on manually link search page
  • Tweak: Fixed installer css errors
  • Tweak: Various text edits


  • Feature: Added compatibility support for Yoast Duplicate Post plugin.


  • Tweak: Fixed an XSS vulnerability in heading text option.
  • Tweak: Fixed an XSS vulnerability in custom CSS option.
  • Tweak: Fixed an XSS vulnerability with WPML language GET attribute.


  • Improvement: Complete rework of ignored words. Added many new words to 57 languages.
  • Tweak: Added filter to exclude currently linked posts from get_related_posts() method (rp4wp_get_related_exclude_already_linked).
  • Tweak: Removed ‘fixed’ class from related word meta box to prevent conflict with AFC.


  • Improvement: Add en_GB ignored words so we can properly support British English as well.
  • Tweak: Fixed a label error in the backend when a link of a deleted custom post type still existed.


  • Feature: Added ‘heading_text’ attribute to [rp4wp] shortcode.
  • Tweak: Added an improved way of normalizing characters.
  • Tweak: Fixed an issue where the first image in the content was not found correctly.


  • Tweak: Make sure installer is run from options-general.php to prevent capability issues


  • Tweak: Removed hard removal of non a-z0-9 characters because this removes all non-latin chars causing issues for non-latin languages. Instead we’re now using a specific blacklist of characters that needs to be removed. Also moved this to convert_characters so we apply this blacklist also to title,taxonomy,etc.
  • Tweak: Made case lowering of words in cache UTF-8 compatible, solving an issue with non-latin characters.
  • Tweak: Manually linked posts now maintain order on relink.
  • Tweak: Added filter ‘rp4wp_cache_word_amount’ to filter amount of words added in cache (default =6).


  • Tweak: Fixed an issue where sticky posts were always included in related posts.


  • Tweak: Fixed an issue that caused mixed post types to not be correctly displayed on frontend.
  • Tweak: Always deactivate local license on deactivation request.
  • Tweak: Tweaked default CSS to force specific CSS rules.
  • Tweak: Added clearer installation instructions to installation wizard step 1.
  • Tweak: Updated various translations.


  • Tweak: Fixed an issue where category limitation didn’t work correctly.


  • Feature: Added the option to set output template in widget.
  • Feature: New related post is found for parents of posts that are put back to draft or deleted.
  • Feature: Added WooCommerce price component.
  • Feature: Added option to only find related posts in certain categories. See new ‘categories’ tab.
  • Tweak: Rewrite of installation procedure so we can properly handle activation of plugin when free plugin is still active.
  • Tweak: Fixed jQuery lib include for HTTPS websites
  • Tweak: Fixed incorrect matching of duplicate related content.
  • Tweak: Fixed incorrect matching of non-published content.
  • Tweak: Fixed an issue with related content count being incorrect on automated related post append.
  • Tweak: UL class rp4wp-posts-list now has a default width of 100%.
  • Tweak: Added ‘rp4wp_max_post_age’ filter.
  • Tweak: Added ‘rp4wp_excluded_ids’ filter.
  • Tweak: Plugin is now checking if required mbstring PHP extension is installed.
  • Tweak: Fixed a conflict with other plugins that use the SweetAlert library.
  • Tweak: Updated various translations.


  • Feature: Added Taxonomy component to Configurator.
  • Feature: Added Post Author component to Configurator.
  • Feature: Added Post Date component to Configurator.
  • Feature: Added Read More component to Configurator.
  • Feature: Added ‘reset to default’ option to weights.
  • Tweak: Improved Content Matching Score algorithm. Better related content result.
  • Tweak: Added post dates to manual linking screen.
  • Tweak: Fixed Configurator Component Tool tips.
  • Tweak: Added ‘rp4wp_related_posts_list’ filter to generate_related_posts_list().
  • Tweak: Added ‘rp4wp_custom_tax_weight’ filter allowing you to filter custom category weight different per custom taxonomy and term.
  • Tweak: German translation update. Props Silvan Hagen.


  • Tweak: Added ‘rp4wp_thumbnail_use_inline_images’ filter to prevent the use of inline images.
  • Tweak: Fixed issue with search queries with multiple words in manual post linking


  • Tweak: Fixed a cross post-type caching bug.
  • Tweak: Fixed a bug that caused the word caching progress bar to be incorrect.
  • Tweak: Removed DateTime method chaining as PHP 5.2 doesn’t support this.


  • Tweak: Always load template functions because some plugins execute shortcode/widget related code in admin.
  • Tweak: Added widget-title class to h3 element in widget template.
  • Tweak: Various performance optimizations, props Danny van Kooten
  • Tweak: Fixed a bug that caused the search query to reset when navigating through pages on the manual linking page.
  • Tweak: Properly escaping page request variable in manual linking screen now.
  • Tweak: Added check if post type is installed before words from cache are cleared.


  • Fixed a bug where thumbnails were not loaded when images in posts were not full size.


  • Fixed a bug that caused too many related posts to be created when related posts were added prior publishing the post.


  • Fixed a shortcode bug where the output would be placed on top of the post.


  • Fixed an post exclusion related SQL error causing posts not to link.


  • Tweak: Fixed a bug where post exclude data got corrupted causing posts not to related properly.
  • Tweak: Fixed a manual post linking bug that caused the post title to be missing, props iCulture.
  • Tweak: Also remove newly added options on uninstall when clean_on_uninstall is checked.


  • Tweak: Fixed a thumbnail bug when cross linking different post types.
  • Tweak: Fixed a bug where extra added ignored words where not properly used.
  • Tweak: Updated Dutch ignored words.


  • Feature: Thumbnail size can be set via options per post type.
  • Feature: Use first image in content if no featured image is set.
  • Feature: Added ability to set a placeholder image for if no image is found.
  • Feature: Added ability to relink related posts from installer.
  • Feature: Added ability to reinstall related posts from installer.
  • Feature: Added joined-words feature. Allow multiple words to be parsed as one word.
  • Feature: Added Brazilian Portuguese commonly used words.
  • Feature: Added Czech commonly used words.
  • Feature: Added Bulgarian commonly used words.
  • Feature: Added Russian commonly used words.
  • Feature: Added Swedish commonly used words.
  • Feature: Added Spanish commonly used words.
  • Feature: Added Norwegian Bokmål commonly used words.
  • Tweak: Display Post Type in backend meta box.
  • Tweak: Major install performance enhancements.
  • Tweak: Added filter: rp4wp_get_children_link_args in RP4WP_Post_Link_Manager:get_children().
  • Tweak: Added filter: rp4wp_get_children_child_args in RP4WP_Post_Link_Manager:get_children()
  • Tweak: Strip all non letters or number characters from content.
  • Tweak: Load Google API jQueryUI assets over HTTPS.
  • Tweak: Fixed an issue with encoding non ASCII characters.
  • Tweak: Improved trimming of punctuation in words.
  • Tweak: Added new and improved CLI feedback to CLI commands.
  • Tweak: CSS frontend tweaks to correct small align issues.


  • Tweak: Various license related improvements.


  • Tweak: Added id attribute to [rp4wp] shortcode.
  • Tweak: Added limit attribute to [rp4wp] shortcode.
  • Tweak: Added template attribute to [rp4wp] shortcode.
  • Tweak: Added limit argument to rp4wp_children template function.
  • Tweak: Set post type per link to already existing links for existing free links on activation.


  • Tweak: Fixed error caused when saving configurator, moved usort callback to separate method.
  • Tweak: Made post age column filterable with filter ‘rp4wp_post_age_column’.


  • Feature: Related Post Configurator. Full control on how your related posts are displayed.
  • Feature: Installer is now displaying total number of posts todo and done.
  • Feature: Added pagination to manual post link table.
  • Feature: Widget now loads it’s own template file.
  • Feature: Added ability to exclude posts from being related.
  • Feature: Added possibility to only link posts in past X days (option per post type).
  • Feature: CLI – New command: install
  • Feature: CLI – New command: cache
  • Feature: CLI – New command: link
  • Feature: CLI – New command: remove_related
  • Tweak: Fixed a bug that caused first time site activation problems.
  • Tweak: Fixed a bug that caused CSS not to be loaded on pages (is_singular instead of is_single).
  • Tweak: Fixed a backend image path bug.
  • Tweak: Check if post types are used in other relations before deleting word cache.
  • Tweak: generate_related_posts_list method now has a template file parameter.
  • Tweak: rp4wp_children function now has a template parameter.
  • Tweak: Show love HTML is now a template part.
  • Tweak: Removed ‘display image’ option, configurator will take care of this.
  • Tweak: Removed ‘Styling’ tab and options in favor of configurator.
  • Tweak: Updated French stop words.
  • Tweak: Implemented Composer autoloader in favor of custom autoloader.
  • Tweak: Loading hooks and filters from static files now instead of dynamic directory loading.
  • Tweak: Updated translations.


  • Escaped view filter URL when manually linking posts to prevent possible XSS.


  • Feature: Add option to disable SSL verification in licensing requests.
  • Fix: Check if settings is set in step 3 of installer to prevent fatal error.
  • Tweak: Made themes filterable, new filter: rp4wp_themes.
  • Tweak: Added premium constant to detect Premium version of plugin.
  • Tweak: Added ‘rp4wp_get_related_posts_sql’ filter to alter related posts SQL.
  • Tweak: Added ‘rp4wp_ignored_words_lang’ filter to alter ignored words.


  • Fixed a bug where UTF-8 encoded characters were not correctly parsed.
  • Introduced icon alternative for when iconv isn’t installed on server.
  • Added CSS media query to themes, mobile is always one column.
  • Display Post Type labels instead of raw post type name on settings page.


  • Now preventing double form submitting in settings screen.
  • Added ‘show love’ option.
  • Added related post object as second parameter to ‘rp4wp_post_title’ filter.


  • Added cross post type related posts.
  • Moved license settings to as separate tab in settings.
  • Added nonces to all AJAX calls in wizard.
  • Made related Posts block title WPML string translatable.
  • Added translations: French, Italian, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Swedish.
  • Updated translations: Dutch, German, Serbian.


  • Added the possibility of using post meta by filter.


  • Fixed an updater conflict.
  • Improved template system.


  • Fixed a widget error.
  • Fixed a shortcode error.


  • Implemented automatic RTL detection.


  • Added RTL support.
  • Fixed a bug where only posts where cached & linked.
  • Fixed a bug where scheduled posts where not linked.


  • Added related post id as second argument to ‘rp4wp_post_excerpt’ filter.
  • Only run upgrade script if there are posts to upgrade.


  • Fixed an free to premium upgrade bug.


  • Fixed an excerpt length bug.
  • Added a dynamic per option filter.
  • Display notice per setting if overwritten by filter.


  • Added full Network / Multisite support.
  • Fixed a hardcoded database table bug.


  • Fixed multisite/network compatibility.
  • Fixed an UTF-8 – iconv bug.
  • Remove shortcodes from the related posts excerpt.


  • Fixed a display thumbnail bug.
  • Fixed an auto post link on new post bug.
  • Added filter ‘rp4wp_disable_css’ to disable all CSS generated on website.


  • Weights are now manageable via options, see weights tab.
  • Implemented a template system.
  • Added filter ‘rp4wp_post_title’.
  • Added filter ‘rp4wp_post_excerpt’.
  • Manually added links (starting this release) will no longer be deleted on de-/installation.


  • Fixed a bug where permission were checked to soon.
  • Fixed a rp4wp_children template function bug.
  • Removed an unused query var.
  • Updated Dutch, German, Serbian, Swedish translations.


  • Fixed a link screen post type bug.
  • Fixed a “Skip linking” button bug.
  • Dutch translation update.


  • Initial release