This page compares the Related Posts for WordPress Lite and Premium plugin. We've outlined our main features in a table below, stating what features is included in which version.

  Lite Premium
Supported Post Types
What Post Types are available for related content
Posts Posts, Pages and all custom post types
Cross Post Types Related Posts
Link different post types to each other, e.g. WooCommerce products to blog posts!
Manual related post control
Manually add, edit and remove related posts
Shortcode & Widget
Related post shortcode and widget
High Performance
100% cached related posts, no server stress
Adjustable Weights
Change the importance of what is scanned to your needs.
Full control over layout
The configurator lets you display your related posts any way you want.
Overwritable templates
Easily change the display of related posts to make it fully integrate with your theme.
Keep manually created links
Keep the manually created related posts when rerunning the wizard.
Multisite support
Supports WordPress multisite/network.
Priority email support
Being email us directly, high quality support
Supported Taxonomies
What taxonomies are used to determine related content
Categories & Tags. Categories, Tags and all custom taxonomies.
Not only a translated plugin but also able to ignore stop words
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